Softone 20

Softone 20


SOFTONE 20 is a blend of premium softening and anti-static compounds. It contains an ethoxylated methyl Bis (Tallow Amido Ethyl), 2 Hydroxyethyl Ammonia Methyl Sulphate as well as Dimethyl Dialkyk (C14-18) Ammonium Chloride. SOFTONE-20 is primarily cationic in character.

Application Description

SOFTONE-20 can be used undiluted or premixed 3-5 parts of water to one part SOFTONE-20. For superior softening use 1-3% SOFTONE-20 to the weight of fabric in machine. Allow machine to run for 5 minutes. For general softening, use 0.5 – 1.5% SOFTONE-20 to the weight of fabric. For general improvement in handle of fabric, use 0.3-0.5 SOFTONE-20 to the weight of fabric.