Silicone Aerosol

Silicone Aerosol


DYNACHEM SILICONE Lubricant , is a pure DC Silicone Fluid.It contains no chlorinated solvents.

Application Description

As a Mould Release Agent: It can be used in all mould release applications for rubber, concrete, polyester, polyurethane and acrylics from metal castings. DYNACHEM SILICONE SPRAY when sprayed onto plastic surfaces such as dashboards, vinyl rooftops, etc., precedes a wetlook, high gloss finish. As a lubricant: DYNACHEM SILICONE SPRAY can be used as a general purpose, continuous film lubricant for mechanical parts and sliding surfaces made of metal, plastic or rubber. It lubricates, prevents sticking and stops squeaks, where plastics, rubber, wood and metal are in contact with other surfaces.