MULTIWAY is multi-purpose degreasing cleaner 

Application Description

MULTIWAY offers environmentally sustainable, highly effective cleaning and degreasing for all types of fl oors and surfaces. Works on multiple surfaces, including fl oors, walls, hoods, cooktops, ranges, and grills, etc. Ideal for a wide variety of venues from coffee shops, restaurants and hotels, to industrial applications, such as institutional food services providers, schools and more. Directions for use: 1. Sweep up loose dirt 2. Dilute according to product recommendations 3. Apply to surfaces to be cleaned On a Lightly soiled surfaces a recommended dilution ratio of 0.2% (1 dosing cap or 1 pump stroke). High pressure washing a ratio of 0.2%- 1.0% is recommended (1 to 5 dosing caps or 1 to 4 pump strokes) depending on how dirt