HOT-RIMS mag wheel cleaner  is an acidic, revolutionary new detergent/degreasing compound for mag wheels. HOT RIMS has the unique ability to remove carbon and metallic residues from mag wheels without causing any damage to any alloy or painted surfaces. HOT RIMS prevents soil and carbon redeposition of loosened soils when rinsing cleaned surfaces.

Application Description

For the cleaning of Mag Wheels, simply spray HOT RIMS onto surface to be cleaned, allow standing for 2-3 minutes and hose off with tap water. Do not allow sprayed surface to dry prior to rinsing. Use in shaded areas. For heavy greasy residues, scrub areas to be cleaned and then hose off with tap water. For light general purpose cleaning, dilute 1-part HOT RIMS to 10 parts water. For use with high pressure and steam cleaning equipment, dilute 1:100 parts water.