FOAMKLOR is a clear straw coloured liquid with a chlorine odour. It is a specialized foaming cleaner-sanitizer formulated for the food industry. FOAMKLOR contains alkalies, wetting agents, chlorinated compounds, foaming agents and corrosion inhibitors.

Application Description

FOAMKLOR can be used via high pressure and foam machines. For General Cleaning /Sanitizing: Dilute 1-part of FOAMKLOR to 25-parts water, where light soiling is encountered use at a dilution ratio of 1:50 water. The temperature should not exceed 600C as the stability of the chlorine will be effected. For High Pressure Cleaning: Dilute 1-part FOAMKLOR to 50-parts water and for light soiled cleaning use at a dilution ratio of 1:100 parts water. For Heavy Duty Foam or Pressure Cleaning: Increase FOAMKLOR concentration until desired results are obtained. FOAMKLOR can be used via any foam dispensing unit and high-pressure machines.