Floorkleen S

Floorkleen S


FLOORKLEEN S is a highly concentrated floor cleaner, designed to remove heavy grease and oil deposits from cement floors. It?s easy and economical to use.

Application Description

1. For the cleaning of floors with industrial floor cleaning machines. Dilute 1kg of FLOORKLEEN-S in 100lts of hot water and clean with machine as normal. 2. For manual cleaning, dissolve 1x 2kgs of FLOORKLEEN-S, depending on the degree of soiling, per 100lts of hot water. Pour solution over floor and scrub with hard brooms. Allow to soak for+/- half-hour and hose off with high-pressure cold water. 3. Another way is to wet the floor and sprinkle the powder over the area. Work FLOORKLEEN-S into the soiled floor area with hard brooms, and allow to soak, then hose off with high-pressure water.