ENVIROZYME is an opaque green-yellow viscous liquid. It is a premium one-shot liquid enzymatic detergent/additive formulated for washing laundry with heavy fat and protein soiling, containing lipase and protease enzymes. Enhanced with water conditioners, anti-redeposition agents and fluorescent whitening agents for soft or hard water. Pleasantly fragranced, it leaves a fresh clean smell on the washed laundry.

Application Description

For Automatic Dosing Systems: The additions will vary between 0.2 ? 0.4% of the weight of the load, and will depend on the degree and type of soiling. For washing medium soiled classifications: ENVIROZYME is used at a concentration of 3ml per kg of wash load. For heavy greasy and oily soiling, the addition of ENVIROZYME at 5ml per kg wash-load is recommended in the pre-wash. Our Technical Representative can demonstrate this process.