Dynastrip Lex

Dynastrip Lex


DYNASTRIP LEX is a solvent acid stripper designed for tank application which achieves its fast rate of stripping of paints from all surfaces by dual action. Highly active solvents permeate paint films, weakening the strength of the coating. At the same time, acidic components break the paint substrate bond. The combined action continues until the finish breaks away from the surface. DYNASTRIP LEX strips without the use of chromates. A water rinse completely removes all final traces of the paint skin. DYNASTRIP LEX is particularly effective on expoxies, vinyl, phenolics, acryclics – air dried or oven cured.

Application Description

DYNASTRIP LEX may be used to strip paint from: Aluminium, Cadmium, Zinc, Galvanize, Chromium, Lead, Brass, Nickel, Bronze, Copper Iron.