Dynasolv Mip

Dynasolv Mip


DYNASOLV MIP a steam cleaning detergent for high pressure and steam cleaning machines. non foaming non corrosive.  is a clear brown liquid with a pine solvent smell. It contains detergents, solvents, emulsifiers, rinse additives and corrosion inhibitors.

Application Description

For general purpose pressure cleaning, use 1-part DYNASOLV MIP to 30-parts water. For general purpose immersion cleaning: Add 1lt of DYNASOLV MIP for every 10lts of water in immersion tank. For manual cleaning applications: Use 1-part of DYNASOLV MIP to 10-parts of water and simply brush on and rinse off, or wipe off. DYNASOLV MIP can also be diluted with solvents such as paraffin or white spirits (Turps) for the cleaning of heavily soiled equipment and surfaces. DYNASOLV MIP has a flash point of 820C, forms a stable emulsion with water, it is completely soluble in solvents and safe on all metals.