Dynamix D


DYNAMIX D is a chloride free liquid chemical admixture. Colour : Light Brown. Relative Density : 1.014. pH : 11. Water Solubility : Very Good

Application Description

DYNAMIX-D is completely water miscible and should first be added into the mixing water for best results. Add 120-240ml of DYNAMIX-D per 100kg of cement. Trial mixes under site of factory conditions should be made and the optimum dosage determined for maximum benefit. are a solution , using 1lt. DYNAMIN CONC. to 40lts of water. This solution will provide you with 1500ppm of available Iodine. Using this solution, apply immediately after milking the cow, on all teats using the respective teat cups. Do not use old, or contaminated solutions, always use fresh solutions prior to treatment.