Dynakleen 25

Dynakleen 25


DYNAKLEEN 25 is an off-white free flowing powder. It contains mild Alkalies, Emulsifiers, Dispersants, Wetting Agents, Penetrating Compounds and corrosion Inhibitors. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, does not contain any caustic compounds, and is completely and easily rinsable.

Application Description

Dynakleen 25 is ideal for the cleaning of equipment and parts by Immersion, High Pressure Steam Cleaning as well as manual Cleaning applications. As a Hot tank Cleaner, Dynakleen 25 is used to remove machining oil, grease shop soils and drawing compounds, from metal surfaces. As a steam cleaner, it is used for the cleaning of heavily soiled Truck Chassis, Engines, Rail trucks, etc. As a hot tank cleaner for removal of carbonized deposits on pots and pans, baking tins, oven trays, extraction filters, cylinder heads etc Direction for use: When used as a Hot tank Cleaner, Dynakleen 25 is used as follows: For removal of heavily soiled components, fill the tank below the operating level with tap water. Heat to 60 0C and add 100g/lt of Dynakleen 25 whilst solution is being agitated. Now fill up tank to required level with water and increase temperature to 70-900C and maintain at this level. For medium to lightly soiled components, use 30-50grams of Dynakleen 25 per lt of water. For lightly soiled components, use 30gm/lt of Dynakleen 25 will provide complete and satisfactory grease and soil removal. the immersion time depends on degree of soiling. An overnight soak application is advised. A period of no less than 6 hours soak application shall be needed in most instances. All parts cleaned in the Dynakleen25 solution, should be rinsed with clean tap water. For Steam Cleaning dissolve 10-25 grams per lt of water. For High Pressure Cleaning, dissolve 5-10 grams of Dynakleen 25 per lt of water. For manual Cleaning of lightly soiled surfaces, dissolve 10-20 grams Dynakleen 25 per lt of water. For heavily soiled surfaces, dissolve 20-40 grams per lt of water. Dilution ratios for manual cleaning will depend on degree of soils on surface to be cleaned.