Dyna-oil Dispersant

Dyna-oil Dispersant


OIL DISPERSANT is a solvent based oil spill dispersant. It has been formulated by Dynachem to emulsify all slicks at sea, in harbours and beaches. This product is being used by major shipping, oil companies and port authorities throughout South Africa. The toxicity level of this product is extremely low and will not effect marine life or vegetation. This product forms a stable emulsion, which eventually dissipates, leaving no trace.

Application Description

OIL DISPERSANT should be preferably applied undiluted, and should be sprayed in a form of low pressure droplets. There are a number of ways of spraying this product varying from sophisticated spray guns to simply spray equipment. For Industrial Use: OIL DISPERSANT can be applied undiluted to the parts to be cleaned by means of spraying, brush or immersion systems and rinsed with tap water. OIL DISPERSANT is safe on all metal and painted surfaces, and can also be used for the cleaning of engine blocks, chassis and ship decks, etc., as well as equipment contaminated with oils and greases.