Diamond Seal

Diamond Seal


DIAMOND SEAL is designed to reduced maintenance and stripping cycles. This tough, durable, high gloss film performs beautifully in high traffic situations on terrazzo, vinyl composite tile, wood and marble. Will not break down or powder under heavy traffic or burnishing. This thermoplastic product dries to a diamond-like clarity. Contains 24% active polymer solids.

Application Description

DIAMOND SEAL is stable in direct sunlight. Resistant to stains, spills and the detergents used to remove them. Save money on buying separate floor high-speed burnisher or spray buffing technique. Apply five or more coats to achieve a substantial coating. Apply with a high quality synthetic mophead. Apply a second coat only when previous coat is thoroughly dry – about ten minutes after you can walk on it. Burnishing between coats with a white pad adds extra brightness. Indirect air movement assists drying, especially in areas where air is stagnant. Moderate air conditioning may also help by lowering the humidity. We recommend five coats. Sealer is not required, although it will not diminished the results. Maintain with appropriate restorer, such as DYNACHEM’S :RESTORE”.