De Stain


DE STAIN is a stain remover for the removal of stains from cockery and cutlery in a soak application. DE-STAIN is a free flowing powder with no odour. 

Application Description

DE-STAIN is ideal for the removal of tannin type stains, such as tea and coffee stains from crockery, cutlery, tea pots, urns, plastic and other inanimate surfaces Directions for use: For the removal of stains from crockery, dissolve 100grams of DE-STAIN in 5lts boiling hot water. Now simply immerse the crockery to be cleaned in this solution and allow to soak for +/- 5 minutes. Then simply remove and rinse with cold tap water. For heavily stained articles, increase the concentration to 200 grams of DE-STAIN in 5lts of hot water and allow to soak for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse with tap water. For the cleaning of porcelain toilets, add 150grams in the bowl and allow to stand 30-40 minutes. Then use brush to remove loosened stains and flush toilet.