De Lime


DELIME is a free-rinsing acidic descaler formulated to remove water and iron scale deposits and bacteriaharbouring films, thus leaving bright metal surfaces.

Application Description

Removes scale and lime build up in dishwashers, urns and boilers. Directions for use: 2.5-10ml / liter of hot water. Brush or soak equipment and rinse with clean water. For large systems or components the most effective descaling is accomplished by circulation: 10-15ml / liter of water for the CIP of the pipelines and HTST. Whenever possible, the solution should be heated to 60C. The strength of the acid can be sufficiently enhanced by adding 1 gram sodium chloride (common salt) to 20 mls of delime. After the use of DE LIME a fresh water rinse is required before reintroducing the automatic dishwashing liquids.