CONSEAL is used in the curing, sealing, hardening and dust proofing of concrete. CONSEAL resists against construction stains, oil penetration, mud penetration, traffic stains, water penetration and vapor loss, while at the same time resisting acids, soaps, alkali, grease, oils and water vapor

Application Description

For Curing: Apply with lambs wool applicator or spray as soon as concrete has reached initial set. A second coat is recommended after construction has been completed, if no floor covering is to be applied to the concrete. For Old Concrete: Old concrete must be cleaned of all grease, wax, floor finishes, oil and stains. First coat should be diluted 8-parts CONSEAL to 1-part turps, and applied suing a lambs wool applicator or roller brush, spreading evenly and thoroughly onto the concrete. Allow 1st coat to dry for 3-4hours before applying second coat. Second coat should be applied undiluted.