Cerakleen Lr

Cerakleen Lr


CERAKLEEN LR is a purple thin liquid with characteristic ammonia, citrus odor. It contains selected solvents, detergents, wetting agents, bacteriacides, ammonia and penetrants, that quickly and effectively remove soils from hard surfaces, leaving them shining and dirt free, minimizing streaking, detergent and dirt residues, and autoscrubber wheel marks.

Application Description

For routine cleaning of walls, floors, tiles, etc., dilute 1-part CERAKLEEN-LR to 50-parts water. Apply using a mop or brush, onto the surface to be cleaned, scrub, mop up, and allow to dry. Surfaces that have been sealed with dry bright emulsions must be stripped, prior to starting a cleaning maintenance system using CERAKLEEN-LR. For removing oils, greases and tyre marks from stone, terrazzo, marble, ceramic, vinyl and corkoleum types of flooring, dilute 1-part of CERAKLEEN-LR to 10-parts of water, apply as before, scrub with brush and rinse floor by mopping with clean tap water.