Highly concentrated chlorine BLEACH

Application Description

Directions for use: For Washing Machines in Laundering, add 50ml of BLEACH concentrate per kg dry weight of linen, kitchen cloths, waiter?s aprons, and jackets, etc. The bleaching cycle should be 7 minutes minimum at a temperature not exceeding 600C. The bleach cycle should be followed by at least 2 cold water rinses. For stubborn stains such as mildew, medical stains, etc. 10ml of Bleach Concentrate per kg dry weight articles should be pre-diluted with tap water and added to the washing machine. For soaking add 1-part of BLEACH to 200 parts of water, soak for 10 ? 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. For general disinfection of hard pre-cleaned surfaces, add 1-part BLEACH concentrate to 250 parts of water. This dilution ratio will produce a strong enough solution to eliminate bacteria organisms such as E. coli and Staph. Aureus.