AGRISAN is a concentrated detergent ? sanitizer. It is a light red liquid with a neutral odor. AGRISAN is a blend of sanitizers, detergents and sequestering agents. It is especially formulated for use in fish processing plants, meat factories, butcheries, canning plants, etc. It can be used successfully for the cleaning of sea containers and other storage areas. AGRISAN eliminates unpleasant odors by simply destroying the bacteria that causes them, leaving such areas with an effectively “clean”, neutral odour.

Application Description

10ml AGRISAN to 1 liter of water or one 50ml sachet to 5lts water. Allow 5 minutes contact time before rinsing. As a shelf life extending agent of fruit and vegetables, use at a dilution ratio of 1lt of AGRISAN to 500lts of water, or one 50ml sachet in 20lts water. Dip and allow to air dry, no rinsing required.