Unidet Hfc

Unidet Hfc


UNIDET HFC is a heavy duty liquid alkaline cleaner. It has a wide variety of applications. It is high foaming and has excellent detergency qualities and is excellent for scale control.

Application Description

A. Smokehouse Cleaning UNIDET HFC should be used at a concentration of 1-5% and a temperature of 75-850C for regular cleaning of smokehouses. Heavy deposits may require higher concentration and/or repeat application. Apply UNIDET HFC by means of a pressure gun; allow solution to penetrate soil and then pressure rinse with hot water. Alternatively for cleaning in place make up desired concentration in holding tank and clean oven as per programmed/ procedure. B. Cleaning of walls and floors UNIDET HFC, can be applied via a foaming unit at a dilution ratio of 1:10 with water. Allow the contact time of the foam to be between 20-30 min., before rinsing with cold water.