Shutter Release Oil

Shutter Release Oil


SHUTTER RELEASE OIL is a liquid wax chemical preparation. Colour :Straw. Relative Density :0.90. pH : Neutral. Water Solubility :Not water-miscible

Application Description

Preparation: On used moulds all traces of adherent material, either concrete or previous oil deposits, must be removed prior to use. On new moulds no preparation is necessary. Application: SHUTTER RELEASE OIL is ready to use and can be applied directly onto the moulds by brush, rag, roller or conventional mould oil . SHUTTER RELEASE OIL should be applied in one continuous film. Concreting: Concrete may be poured immediately after application. Recoat moulds and formwork if concreting is scheduled or delayed more than 2-days after initial coat. The use of SHUTTER RELEASE OIL minimizes the amount of cleaning required prior to the re-use of the formwork. Post Mould Release: Clean formwork as soon as possible to remove excess dust. SHUTTER RELEASE OIL should be re-applied immediately to protect steel moulds from rust.