Sealer V


SEALER V, floor sealer- The perfect foundation, gives floors permanent protection. Provides non-removable, hard, durable, basecoat. Extends life of floors. Makes your finish look great, last longer, restores colour and reduces scuff and black heel marks. Does not discolour even the lightest floor. Use only on Clean, Dry Floors, Use Indoors or Outdoors.

Application Description

Application: 1. Use only clean applicators, pails, etc. 2. Apply SEALER-V over clean, dry floor in thin, even, parallel strokes with a clean lambswool applicator, brush or lint-free cloth. DO NOT RUB OR ALLOW TO PUDDLE. Normally only two coats are required. Allow to dry thoroughly (approximately 1 hour) between coats. DO NOT APPLY SECOND COAT BEFORE FIRST COAT IS DRY.