NEUTRASTRIP is a highly concentrated stripper for polymer floor dressing and other “Dri-Brite” floor polishes. It is ammonia-free, has a neutral pH and does not contain any phosphates. NEUTRASTRIP contains amines as well as selected solvents, that penetrate and solubilise old floor coatings. NUTRASTRIP does not contain strong alkalis, which tarnish soft metal surfaces such as aluminum.

Application Description

For maintenance removal of old “Dri-Brite” polish from all surfaces, dilute 1-part of NEUTRASTRIP to 10-parts water. Apply to floor with mop. Scrub floor thoroughly by hand or with scrubbing-machine. Then rinse floor well with tap water and allow to dry. For very old and hard floor dressings, use a concentration of 1-part NEUTRASTRIP to 5-parts of water, and proceed as above.