Griddle Clean

Griddle Clean


GRIDDLE CLEAN is a safe, liquid cleaner and degreaser for use in food and beverage and kitchen hygiene applications where oil/fat/grease food soils must be cleaned from hot surfaces.

Application Description

It is best suited for cleaning of griddles, waffles, grillers and ovens. Ideal for use on food contact surfaces. Directions for use: 1. Remove excess deposits from the griller surface using a scraper. 2. Heat the griller surface to 150-180 degrees Celsius. 3. Spread Griddle-Clean liquid onto the surface, using a scouring pad. 4. The product will start bubbling and will loosen the built up carbon and fat deposits from the griller surface. 5. Remove the loosened residue with a spatula and move it towards the grease trap. 6. Allow the griller or waffle maker to cool down and wipe the cleaned surface with a wet cloth. 7. Repeat the process if carbon deposits are still present. 8. Finally wash the scouring pad and cloth with hot water.