Multi-purpose liquid gel biotreatment for bathrooms.

Application Description

GLOBALWAY ORIGINAL is a unique 7-in-1 product. Works on all bathroom fi xtures and surfaces (toilets, urinals, showers, fittings and trim, porcelain, walls, fl oors, etc.), as well as on enamel, ceramic, chrome, stainless, glass, and more. 1- Cleans and shines. Ultra-effective biosurfactants scrub away grime and bring out the shine in all bathroom fixtures. 2- Prevents and removes lime and mineral (scale) deposits. The slightly acid pH of GLOBALWAY ORIGINAL prevents scale and eliminates lime stains. 3- Destroys odors at their source. Special microorganisms digest odor-causing organic matter. 4- Long-lasting perfume. Unique Original perfume leaves the unmistakable smell of clean. 5- Keeps drain pipes and tanks cleaner for better maintenance. Biosurfactants and microorganisms combine to eliminate urine scale, clean fixtures and restore proper drain fl ow. Enriches active flora. 6- Protective film. Powerful biosurfactants leave a protective film that prevents new deposits and makes cleaning easier. 7- Effluent conditioner. Microorganisms and biosurfactants go to work immediately to break down waste effluent. Directions for use: Dilute according to recommendations, Apply to surface lastly Rinse with clear water