Dynasolv 50

Dynasolv 50


DYNASOLV 50 is a clear straw coloured liquid alkaline, low foaming detergent. It contains selected biodegradable detergents, phosphates, sequestering agents, corrosion inhibitors and soil releasing compounds.

Application Description

For general purpose cleaning of heavily soiled areas, dilute 1-part DYNASOLV-50 to 25-parts water. For the cleaning of garage floors, walls, equipment, etc., dilute 1-part DYNASOLV-50 to 50-parts water. For light duty cleaning such as painted walls, windows, mirrors, etc., dilute 1-part DYNASOLV-50 to 200 parts water. DYNASOLV-50 is ideal for use with steam cleaning machines, high-pressure washers, as well as floor scrubbing machines.