Dynamin Concentrate

Dynamin Concentrate


DYNAMIN CONCENTRATE is an effective anti-microbial compound used for the prevention of mastitis in dairy cows. It contains an iodine complex that provides 6% titrable iodine, 24% glycerine, 6% lanolin, acidifiers and emollients. DYNAMIN CONCENTATE has been proved to have 99.9% kill rate against P. aeruginosa and E. coli. at 1/5 dilution (S.A.B.S. test report no. 2388/603506/N3215/6)

Application Description

For teat dipping: Prepare a solution , using 1lt. DYNAMIN CONC. to 40lts of water. This solution will provide you with 1500ppm of available Iodine. Using this solution, apply immediately after milking the cow, on all teats using the respective teat cups. Do not use old, or contaminated solutions, always use fresh solutions prior to treatment.