Dynadet Nf

Dynadet Nf


DYNADET NF is a clear yellow liquid laundry detergent for use in automatic laundry machines. It contains a blend of selected detergents, suspending agents, water softening agents, mild alkalies and optical brightners. DYNADET NF is pleasantly perfumed to leave a fresh fragrance on the laundered fabrics.

Application Description

For heavily soiled greasy and oily boiler suits, overalls, etc., the addition of DYNASOLV in the pre-wash at a concentration of 500ml per 45kg will enhance the removal of all oils and greases. This process can be demonstrated by our technical representatives. For medium soiled coloured or mixed classifications, ALKALI-NF is used at a concentration of 400ml of DYNADET-NF and 150ml of ALKALI-NF per 50kgs at a temperature of 60-700C for 10-15 minutes. For automatic dosing systems, our technical field personnel will be able to set the controls for the correct chemical dosages.