Drain L Enzymes

Drain L Enzymes


DRAIN L ENZYMES is a Bio Enzymatic liquid. It contains bio enzymes, bacteria, surface activators, detergents and stabilizers. DRAIN L ENZYMES is ideal for use in sewage systems, where blockages occur in grease traps, sewage pipes, septic tanks, etc. DRAIN L ENZYMES has been specially developed for the elimination of fat crusting on the inner walls of the sewage pipes, the coagulation of fat in the grease traps and the blockages in the outlet pipes. DRAIN L ENZYMES prevent built-up of fat in the sewage system by hydrolyzing (breaking up) fatty deposits into soluble glycerol and fatty acids. These by-products are further utilized by bacteria, which reduce them to organic waste and water, thus preventing re-coagulation either in the french drain or further down the main line outlet pipes.

Application Description

Step 1. Remove as much of the surface crust as possible from the grease trap and arrange to dispose. Step2. Clean out basket thoroughly Step 3. Blast clean sewer pipes leading to and from the traps if possible. Step 4. Using the Dynachem “Night Watch” dosing system, feed the solution via the furthest outlet from the fat trap. Our Technical Representative will set the “Knight Watch” to feed DRAIN-L ENZYMES at the appropriate time of day or night. Regular dosages are the guarantee for an effective preventative maintenance for this product. Initial dose: 300ml. Maintenance: 10-12ml/day