Degreaser Qb

Degreaser Qb


DEGREASER QB is a highly efficient, self-separating, non-emulsifying solvent cleaner which does not interfere with the process of oil-water disposal problems. Solvent based degreasers are often the most cost effective and quick acting products to be used for cleaning grease and oil residues.

Application Description

The cleaner is applied undiluted by spraying, brushing, soaking, dipping, rubbing or mopping. Spraying is used for cold cleaning interiors of oil storage tanks or where surfaces to be cleaned are irregular. After spraying, the cleaner should be allowed to remain for 10 ? 20 minutes before rinsing. Strong jet or high pressure spray equipment: the slop created will separate immediately into water and oil, but should preferably be left for 10 ? 30 minutes for complete separation. A final separation should leave maximum 15ppm of oil in the water. Flush down with either cold or warm water.