An Immersion Decarboniser-Degreaser-Paint Remover. CARBOKLEEN removes practically all types of soils from metal surfaces. CARBOKLEEN is a highly effective cleaner used on Engine Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Diesel Injector Assemblies, Crankshafts, etc. No heat required. CARBOKLEEN is an effective paint stripper. Little or no hand scraping is required when using CARBOKLEEN, which results in substantial savings in labour.

Application Description

Fill the soak tank about one quarter full with water. Pump or pour CARBOKLEEN into tank until desired level is reached. The water will then float to the top, allowing no solvents to evaporate. The part to be cleaned must then be immersed in the lower layer of solution, below water level, and be allowed to stand for 2-3 hours depending on soil load. Then rinse with tap water.