Blue Sky

Blue Sky


BLUE SKY is a blue car wash and wax that contains a blend of synthetic detergents, wetting agents, corrosion inhibitors and selected waxes. It removes oily soil deposits, road dirt and other films, leaving a clean, shiny surface when rinsed. It eliminates streaks. It is economical, fully biodegradable and ecologically friendly

Application Description

BLUE SKY can be used by machine and manual applications. For use in automatic car wash rotating brush machines, dilute 1-part BLUE SKY to 200-parts of tap water. For normal manual cleaning, dilute 1-part BLUE SKY to up to 100-parts of tap water. Manual Cleaning: Dissolve the required amount of BLUE SKY in a bucket of water, preferably luke warm. Using a sponge or cloth apply solution onto the surface to be cleaned. Then rinse with tap water, and dry using a soft clean dry cloth. Machine Washing: Dilute BLUE SKY as prescribed in a drum or tank, and use via a high pressure or brush-rotating machine. Rinse with tap water and allow to dry.