BIOFRESH is a biological product containing enzymes is ideal for use in every home, including hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, factories, flats, office blocks and farms. It is non-toxic, non-acidic, non-alkaline biological product. BIO-FRESH has concentrated enzymes to instantly rid bad odours from affected areas.

Application Description

Drain Line and Down Pipes: Initial treatment (seeding): 3 doses during the first week. Use at least 50ml once per week standard pipes. Usage rate should be increased for large drain lines and extended pipe lengths. For multi-storied buildings, treat each floor every day from ground upwards during the first week. Thereafter, add BIO-FRESH weekly from the upper floor. Small Grease Traps: 50ml weekly per 50 meals per day. Initial treatment (seeding) 3 times greater during the first week. Add BIO-FRESH directly to the kitchen sink or pipe next to the grease trap at night, then flush down with lukewarm water. Septic Tanks: Initial treatment ? 250ml per 1 cubic metre of tank, thereafter 50ml every 2 weeks. Pour directly into the toilet bowl and flush. Carpets: Enzymes destroy the root cause of odours. BIO-FRESH will control odours from pets and organic spills (milk, etc.) Dilute 10% solution with water and spray onto the carpets and completely wet the area. Scrub the surface and allow the enzymes to work in between the fibres overnight. Allow to dry and then vacuum clean. Automobiles: BIO-FRESH will control odours from pets and organic spills on carpets and upholstery. Dilute 10% solution with water and spray onto carpets and upholstery, brush the surface and allow to dry. Cat & Pet Litters: Dilute 10% solution with water and spray onto the pet litter or contaminated area daily, or as required. BIO-FRESH will control odours. Urinals: Spray 10% solution of BIO-FRESH on each urinal daily or as required according to usage. Livestock Farming: Solidification of wastes, strong ammonia odours on slats, floors and slurry tanks can be overcome by the use of BIO-FRESH. Slats & Floors: 10% solution diluted with warm water. Spray onto the surface to be treated weekly. Slurry Tanks: Initial Treatment ? 150ml per 10 cubic meters, diluted in water as a 5% solution, thereafter maintenance treatment of 50ml per 10 cubic metres weekly. Deep Freezers & Refrigerators, etc: Bad odour contaminated appliances can be treated with a 10% solution in water / BIO-FRESH and sprayed onto the empty interior and seals and left for 3 or 4 hours, or overnight. Then wash with neutral detergent.