Bio Blue

Bio Blue


BIO-BLUE is a dark blue liquid that exhibits a broad range of degradation capabilities needed for a multipurpose product in the maintenance of drain lines, improving septic and waste degradation, cleaning and odour control. BIO-BLUE is a microbial solution that produces key extracellular enzymes including amylases, cellulases, lipases and proteases that breaks down waste solids and scum in drain lines, septic systems and portable loos.

Application Description

BIO-BLUE must be used neat. For portable toilets, add 100-200ml after every emptying. For drain systems, add 100-200ml per week after an initial intensive treatment of 150ml per day for 3 days. Do not mix BIO-BLUE with other disinfectant cleaners (especially those containing chlorine and formaldehyde) as these will denature the active enzymes.