BACTROJELL is a ready to use clear unperfumed broad-spectrum antibacterial gel for use via a suitable dispenser for disinfecting hands in all critical areas where hand disinfection is required

Application Description

HOSPITALS AND CLINICS: Reduces the risk of hands being vectors for pathogenic organisms, lowering chances of hospital-acquired infections. FOOD INDUSTRY: Prevention of cross contamination as hands no longer spread harmful bacteria. STAFF IN GENERAL: Anywhere staff are required to practice basic hygiene e.g. dairy farms, child care centres, cleaners, sewerage works etc. Directions for use: For best results, first clean hands with SYNBAC or other sanitizing soap and dry. Dispense 2-4ml of BACTROJELL into palm and work thoroughly onto both hands, making sure contact is made with entire skin surface of each hand, including the back of the hand and under finger nails. Do not rinse with water but leave hands to air-dry. Always use this product neat, as diluting the product will alter its effectiveness.