AQUACLEEN is a heavy duty liquid alkaline cleaner. It has a wide variety of applications. It is high foaming and has excellent detergency qualities and is excellent for degreasing of metal surfaces, concrete surfaces, walls and smokehouses.

Application Description

A. Smokehouse Cleaning AQUACLEEN should be used at a concentration of 1-5% and a temperature of 75-850C for regular cleaning of smokehouses. Heavy deposits may require higher concentration and/or repeat by means of a pressure gun; allow solution to penetrate soil and then pressure rinse with hot water. Alternatively for cleaning in place make up desired concentration in holding tank and clean oven as per programmed/ procedure. B. Cleaning of hard surfaces AQUACLEEN can be applied via a foaming unit at a dilution ratio of 1:10 with water. Allow the contact time of the foam to be between 20-30 min., before rinsing with cold water. AQUACLEEN can also be applied directly using a stiff brush at 1:5 to 1:10 dilution with water. Allow 15-20 min soaking time and hose off with High Pressure hose using clean water