Descaling, disinfecting and de-odorizing toilets gel.

Application Description

4D-SCALE effectively cleans, de-scales, disinfects and de-odorizes toilets and urinals. 4D-SCALE is powered by the BIOSURF® process, which employs ultra-effective biosurfactants to produce a more powerful wetting action and a clean that lasts longer. This increases costefficiencies by speeding up cleaning time and significantly reducing the amount of product required. Uses the scale-removing power of malic acid to eliminate mineral deposits and other organic residue, even the grimiest. Brings back the original shine and leaves a clean fresh perfume. Its eco-friendly formula supports the proper functioning of septic tanks. A specially-designed pouring spout makes it easy to apply, even in the hardest to-reach areas; and its gel formula, that lasts all day, makes it perfect for daily bathroom cleaning.